Hi! This is my personal blog. Here you can find some articles about life, software development and something about me. First thing about me: I'm not constant in writing and I don't remember how many times I've started a blog.

Feel free to mail me at andreacanton [at] duck [dot] com.

Here my only 5 articles I've published.

Smart lazyness

Have you ever sped up your pass (or even start running) when you see that someone is passing through the door that you’ll pass? Even if the person is holding the door, you started before thinking “I don’t want to re-open the door”.

lazyness, productivity, time-management

Always over estimate effort

Could you guess how much time you require to solve a problem no one ever tried to solve before?

estimate, effort, time-management

Web scraping with Deno

Finding a house is hard. Finding your home is harder.

web-scraping, deno, mongo